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The aim of out-reach is to reach-out and touch students and communities in ways that inspire, mentor and provide avenues for personal expression and experience.  We can learn as much from those we teach as they can learn from the teachers they invite into their lives.


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I've worked as a teaching artist for organizations, schools and theaters, introducing students of all ages to playwriting and creative writing. 

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I worked with the William Inge Center under a Kennedy Center Grant to teach playwriting and performance through the Four County Mental Health facitliy in Kansas



I've taught older students and teachers how to enhance the learning experience with the arts (music, dance, visual arts, creative writing, and theater)


To celebrate Fine Arts Week, I worked with the PTA and the MET to teach research and playwriting to 5th grade students in Georgia


I wrote, directed and produced a play involving 300 students at an elementary school in partnership with The Metropolitan Museum of Art  (everyone was involved!)


I worked with the Virginia Avenue Project in Santa Monica teaching at-risk youth to write plays that were directed and performed by professional actors

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