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  • What are some tactics for overcoming writer's block?
    This is a tough one - not because it's difficult to overcome writer's block, but because this particular obstacle can be overcome in a number of ways depending on who you are. Here are a few: write without concern for what or how you are writing. Take a stream of consciousness approach to moving your pen across paper or your hands across the keyboard. Don't expect any epiphanies or hidden plots, themes or characters. Be free, unhindered and in love with the process. turn to a different project. It may be that you're not ready or even bored with what you are attempting to write. If you're the kind of writer who is motivated by the discovery process inherent in writing a new piece, propose questions about your world, characters or plot, then answer them in dialogue if writing a script or in prose if writing a novel or story. free yourself from the mental stress of coming up with words through another art form (which you don't have to be good at) - paint, sculpt, draw, design a house, build a piece of furniture, play an instrument, dance, sing, do some standup, cook or bake -- allow yourself to be free in the creative process. Writing is a huge challenge because it requires creativity and mental prowess in which quite often, the mental part gets in the way of the creativity. take a walk in nature (not in the city or though an office corridor). Walt Whitman advocated for walking in nature several hours each day through rain, snow, hot and cold. He believed we all have something to learn from nature, in part because we belong to it. Don't overthink the ground, sky and trees - simply experience them. for the more intellectually inclined - outline, then outline more, and still more. As you get further into the outlining and detailing process, you will have the writing you thought you were not writing. more: a. clean your work space (usually a temporary reprieve from the frustration of writer's block, but at least you have a clean room). b. meditate (there are several guided selections on Youtube and Insight Timer; here's one: c. try some writing prompts -- there are many available via searching...I'll post some of my favorites in a separate post. d. Journal and other mindfulness activities like writing gratitudes. Check to see that your block isn't coming from an internal challenge such as "imposter syndrome," which is a prevalent dilemma with writers at every level of their career. Here's a brief overview of the "condition" and tips on how to move beyond it. ** please let me know if you found other tactics and I'll add to the list.
  • Where can I find your work and how do I read your plays, prose or poetry?
    My plays are published in several Smith and Krauss Anthologies and excerpts for most of my plays are available at The New Play Exchange You may also contact me directly at and I will be happy to send you an excerpt or full manuscript.
  • Do you offer classes or workshops?
    Yes! I organize workshops and classes from time to time. I'm also available for lectures and workshops at your site. Please email me if you are interested in a one-on-one conversation about your writing. I can help you in a number of ways including editing, outlining for structure and story, and world building and character development. I coach in all genres of writing with over twenty years of teaching experience on the college and professional level.
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