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My written works include credits in television, documentary, prose, poetry and stage. I enjoy development and working with ensembles  to create scripts for specific actors, events, and subjects areas. I conduct workshops in dramatic writing and help writers of every level become the kind of writer they wish to be. 



  • Mach33-New Science Driven Play Award, 2024 for Five Degrees Above Polaris

  • Bennett Prize for Best Comedic Play 2024 for Five Degrees Above Polaris

  • Finalist for Women in Media Arts Collaboration Award

  • Women’s Playwright Initiative “Ellie Award” — Ivoryton Playhouse

  • Commission for new musical play sponsored by OpenEye Theatre

  • “Front From Juneau” — Published in Best of Anthology by Smith and Krauss

  • Publication in Best Monologues by Smith and Krauss

  • “Bad Moon Rising” — Finalist, Henley-Rose Competition

  • “The 5564 to Toronto” — voted Best Play in Six Women’s Play Festival

  • “The Effects of Drought” — Audience Choice Award Playground-LA

  • “RoadKill” — Maxum Mazumdor New Full Length Play Award

  • “Last Flight of The Mercenary” — New Science Driven Play Award

  • “The Once That Never Was” — Fulton Country Arts Grant

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The full lengths in this section are  tragi-comedies and comedies, and they include casts that range from 3  characters to 18.  All have had professional readings, some have had productions, and a few are brand new. If you're interested in reading full scripts or getting production rights, let me know. 

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The plays listed here run  10 to 40 minutes. They are unique stories with unique characters who are caught in the absurdity, the pain, and the joy of being human. All of the plays listed here have been awarded readings and many have been produced.


These plays are written for adults or young actors to perform for young audiences. Each is educational, entertaining and has had numerous productions. 

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I grew up with musicals. When I had my own family, the idea of living out experiences through music became a reality when I realized we'd each break out into original song at the drop of a note. While it's true that some stories are best told with music, I think all of life ought be a musical as well. It certainly is emotional enough. A song for planting flowers, waiting for the subway, being stood up on a date, angry at the guy going 50 in the fast lane - it's  more fun than not singing about it.


I've had the good fortune to work with several amazing composers. I have to say that the relationship is like dating or dancing and it's awkward at the start. It takes patience, respect and faith - but it's worth it when a song comes out  to make everyone who worked on it thrilled.

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