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An amazing experience mounting the reading of


on August 17th.  Many thanks to the play's director (Mary Lou Rosato), the very talented cast, creative sound designer Chris Porter, stage manager Anjali Nath, Skylight Theater, and all the people who came out to be part of the evolution of this play, which is at my heart.  

A few pictures from the reading

Gyasi Silas, Haskell Anderson III, Chandra Lee Schwartz, Daniel Bess, Dylan McTee,

Gyasi Silas, Haskell Anderson III, Chandra Lee Schwartz, Daniel Bess, Bo Foxworth, Brian Tichnell

Daniel Bess, Brian Tichnell, Sarah Yarkin, Sallie Merkel, Elyse Mirto  



Words from GLO 2015 Playwright: Karen Howes


GLO (Green Light One-Acts), featuring 5 new plays by local women, runs at The Miles Memorial Playhouse November 5-15th. For more information and tickets please visit: www.greenlightproductions.org.


On Writing “Gentleman’s Pact” by Karen Howes


               The tap on the keyboard that began the writing of “Gentleman’s Pact” was a desire to take a new look at the age-old “affair.” For good reason, adultery is typically kept a secret, so I wondered what would happen if the secret was made known and the person who was the “outsider” took an action that changed everyone’s roles. Enter the meek “other man” to ask his friend if he can marry his wife. What would be the response? How would the play go? I wondered the effect that such a proposal would have on the relationships of the people involved and I wondered what it would do to each person as an individual.


                As a playwright, I was most interested in the dialogue. I enjoy getting to know characters by listening to how they respond and speak, so writing this play was a lot of fun. I came to know the characters as I would real people. What they said, even though sometimes a lie, was a building block that enabled me to understand what they really wanted. It was an intriguing process to be involved in a chess game between three characters who had a lot at stake. I was curious as to how the friendship, marriage and affair would devolve, and I was eager to see a love triangle in which the power and sides would continually shift.


                 As an unexpected plus — the rehearsal process with the play’s director, Michelle Joyner and the actors at Green Light Productions enabled me to go deeper into this play and discover the threads that weave the larger tapestry. The experience has given me the insight to develop the play into a full length, which I have already begun.


(Article written by the playwright:  Karen Howes.  Article also (posted/to be posted) at “Lightbulbs” on the Green Light Productions websitewww.greenlightproductions.org.)


Pictures from the CalTech New Science Driven Play Award


Me (playwright), Kathryne Bilke (director),Rob Rinow (Dramaturg), Aidan, Chatwin-Davies (Science Consultant)

Aidan, Arden (Producer), Me

Play Productions and Staged Readings

"The 5564 to Toronto" University of Denver, May 2020

"Starry Night" -- Full length comedy. Palisades Theatre 

"Bad Moon Rising" --  workshop production at SkyLight Theatre with Bob Bailey directing. Jan 22-Feb 5

"Seneca Falls" -- Workshop  July 19th at The OpenEye Theatre in the Catskills. Directed by Amie Brockway. Composer Elliot Sokolov.


Dramatist Guild Grant (through OpenEye for new play development)

"The Gentlemen's Pact" -- Selected to be part of the 35th anniversary William Inge Festival in Independence, Kansas April 20-23

"The 5564 To Toronto" -- is part of the PRT Playwrights Roundtable with performances July  28 - August 8th at the Orlando Shakespeare Center.

"The Gentlemen's Pact" -- selected for a 2 week August run at BoxFest in Detroit, MI

"Front from Juneau" -- Selected for a three week run at OnionMan Productions in Atlanta, GA (August 11-28)

"The Field" -- proud to have had the opportunity to work with the William Inge Center on a VSA Kennedy Center Project to develop an original play with special needs teenagers. Everyone was amazing. July 5-July 14 2016

"Bad Moon Rising"  -- Finalist in the 2015 Henley Rose Playwright's Competition (named in honor of Pulitzer Prize winner Beth Henley)  http://www.henleyrose.com/

"Last Flight of The Mercenary"  -- Distinguished honor to be part of The Newvember New Play Festival at the Tangent Theatre in Tivoli, NY; November 5-8  http://tangent-arts.org/theatre/newvember_festival

"The 5564 To Toronto" -- is part of the PRT Playwrights Roundtable with performances July  28 - August 8th at the Orland Shakespeare Center.

"Last Flight of The Mercenary" at SkyLight Theater as part of the theater's From Where She Stands InKubator Series. April 12 2015 at 8 PM  in the Los Feliz section of Hollywood.  Directed by Dennis Gersten.  Featuring Blythe Auffarth,  Susan Hanfield, Leon Russom, Peter Trencher, and Sean Wing

"The 5564 to Toronto" -- a reading at the Barnes and Noble book store in Santa Monica, CA on May 17  2015 at 2 PM. This piece features Justin Park and Celia Finklestein. Produced by ALAP.

"Gentleman's Pact" -- Newport Beach Center for the Arts as part of the Discoveries Event in Jul 2015. Produced by Eric Ebbewein and Directed by Sarah Guerrero.

"Last Flight of The Mercenary"  -- New Science Driven Plays Award produced by  CalTech for Alumni Weekend, May 16 2015 at 4:30 at the Theater Arts House 275, S Hill St Pasadena, CA. Directed by Kathryn Bilke. Produced by ArdenThomas and features Warren Davis and Carrie Ancker. Science consultant for the play is Aiden Chatwin-Davies.  Dramaturg is Rob Rinow. There is a post show discussion on Quantum Information Theory.

"Perfect Maid" -- Openeye Theater in the Catskills (Margaretville, NY) from August  20 - 30 2015. Directed by Amie Brockway who just won the Sarah Spencer Award for Creative Achievement in theater !!!

"Gentlemen's Pact" -- Jersey Voices Festival at Chatham Players in Chatham, NJ from July 31 through August 8 

"Last Flight of The Mercenary"  -- Elated to be back in my home state and part of the distinguished Stages Festival New Play Readings sponsored by the NJ Theater Alliance and produced by the Bickford Theater and Morris Museum. Exceptional people, talent and musings. 7:00 PM on March 1, 2016 at 6 Normandy Heights Road  Morristown, NJ 07960(973) 971-3700.  http://stagesfestival.org/event/1443

"Bad Moon Rising"  -- SkyLIght Theater reading on Monday August 17th 2015 at 8PM at 1816 N Vermont Ave in Los Angeles. This is a brand new play that takes place in Mississippi in 1974 about a blues musician accused of a murder he didn't commit. Directed by  May Lou Rosato. Features Chandra Lee Schwartz, Bo Foxworth, Elyse Mirto, Daniel Bess, Haskell Anderson, Sara Yarkin, Brian Tichnell, Dylan McTee and Sally Mertle. Call to make a reservation (213) 760-7061

"The Gentlemen's Pact" -- Proudly part of The GLO Festival produced by GreenLight productions. Performances are Thursday  - Sunday, November 5th-15th at The Miles Memorial Playhouse at 1130 Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica. Tickets are $15-$20.

Parking is FREE!! Directed by Michelle Joyner. Featuring Eic Toms, Joni Allen, Dan Riordan

GreenLight Productions


"Gobble up"  -- a ten minute play Featured in the Alimento Fundraising event to raise money to bring Thanksgiving meals to the homeless in Los Angles.  Directed by Elina de Santos.